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Are the bristles biodegradable?

No, the bristles are made of nylon that has proven to effectively clean your teeth. So far, the only biodegradable bristles area made of pig hair. Despite the fact it’s not vegan, pig hair is also quite ineffective.

Is Zhuzi Toothbrush biodegradable?

Bamboo is biodegradable, so you can recycle your zhuzi toothbrush handle through nature's own recycling program by putting it in your compost or burying it in the ground - just pull the bristles out with pliers and discard them first.

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes, our package is 100% recyclable and made with eco-friendly materials.

Where do you make zhuzi?

We produce your toothbrush in China. China is the world largest bamboo supplier and our partner in China is set-up to produce every toothbrush in a cost effective way. Our objective is to provide you with a product that can directly compete with a plastic toothbrush. This is why it doesn’t make sense to shift the production to Europe: otherwise we wouldn’t be price competitive.


When will my first Zhuzi Toothbrush arrive?

We send all Zhuzi Toothbrushes every first day of the week. If this is the first toothbrush from your subscription it will take up to 1 week if you are in European Union and up to two weeks for rest of the world.

Can I track my order?

In order to provide you free shipping worldwide, we use untracked mail. In any case, if you think your Zhuzi is lost in traffic, just let us know via email and we will happily send you a new one free of charge.

Where are orders shipped from?

All orders are shipped from Lisbon, Portugal.

What happens if I change address?

When you subscribe, you create a user account with us - at anytime you can log into your account and change your address - or other things like your subscription type or credit card information.

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