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Are bamboo toothbrushes good?

As time goes by, people are becoming more and more reconsidering plastic products and searching for better alternatives. In the united states alone, more than a billion-plastic toothbrush is being thrown out. The overall number and amount of plastic wastage from toothbrushes slowly can add up to have a massive negative impact on the planet.

But as technologies are being advanced, people are looking more into the sustainable solution for plastic replacement. As a result, bamboo toothbrushes are born. So, without any further ado, let us dive right in and find out more about this excellent alternative to plastic.


What are bamboo toothbrushes?

Toothbrushes are made with a handle to hold and bristle to clean your teeth. A bamboo toothbrush is no different. But the only difference it has from any regular toothbrush is the long handle is made out of bamboo instead of plastic.

In the early times, people used to use cloths, salt, coal, and many other things to clean their teeth. But the first bamboo toothbrush was made in china. They also used various natural materials animal hair to create the bristle.

Even though we do not use animal hair anymore, the nylon bristle and bamboo handle have a lot to bring to the table.

Benefits of bamboo toothbrush 

Let us break it down and see what makes this a go-to sustainable oral solution in the modern world.

The benefit of bamboo toothbrush on the environment

Think about places where you use plastic in your life. The answer will be everywhere. Even though the material is versatile can be a highly effective solution for almost everything, it causes damage beyond repair. And this is exactly where bamboo comes into play.

The bamboo plants grow very quickly and can be utilized very early for production. As a result, we get a significantly smaller footprint when compared to plastic. On the other hand, bamboo is biodegradable. That means if we try to use it in its raw form, it will degrade and cause zero harm to the environment.

But the list of benefits does not stop there.

After taking the bristle away, the handle for the toothbrush can be recycled or used in various process. One of the most popular uses of bamboo is as compost for the plant. The compost made from bamboo can remove the need of using chemicals like urea, which is used to help lant grow rapidly. 

And on the other side, the plastics handles only takes up space in the soil and have a larger footprint.

If you want to use a fully degradable bamboo toothbrush, there are options for that as well. The fully degradable option usually replaces the nylon fibres from the body and uses a natural bristle alternative.

But the key thing to keep in mind is that the natural bristles are likely to be much less gentle than the ones you are used to. This may cause discomfort, and in the worst case, damage your enamel. So, in case you are planning on going fully natural, make sure to consult with your oral specialist first.


Oral benefits of using a bamboo toothbrush

Using bamboo toothbrushes does not offer any extra benefits to your oral care. But that does not mean it has does not bring any at all. The focus is on the behaviour change.

You get the usual benefits from this manual toothbrush. It may not have the bells and chimes that you might find in an electric toothbrush, the bamboo toothbrushes are just as much as effective. 

Regular brushing with a manual bamboo toothbrush can help prevent any form of dental decay and cavities. An extreme form of cavities can quite easily result in tooth loss.

It also helps you from the hand of bad breath, which may lead to the breakage of potential interpersonal relationships. With the proper brushing technique with a natural toothbrush, you can prevent serious gum diseases and remove plaque.

But to get the maximum oral benefits from a natural toothbrush, you should keep two things in mind. They are, 

  1.  Choosing the right brush size for you.
  2. Using the right brushing technique.

Make sure to use the size of the head in your brush that can easily reach into the narrow areas of your mouth, so you can comfortably handle the brushing.

And for the best possible outcome, use the right brushing technique advised by your dental expert.

The last oral benefit of using a bamboo toothbrush is its antimicrobial property. Unlike plastic, bamboo has a natural antibacterial property that can easily penetrate the bacteria and kill any harmful ones. This is why most kitchen utensils we see today are made out of either wood or bamboo.



Disadvantages of using bamboo toothbrushes

With every cloud, there is a silver lining. But the same goes for the other way around. So, before you dive right into the commitment of this sustainable solution, you should consider the disadvantages as well.

Even after being sustainable, most bamboo toothbrushes come with plastic wrapping which we may easily overlook from the get-go. And also, there are recycle instruction that usually comes with the product. This can easily be ignored or overlooked.

So, make sure to read the instruction fully before trying to recycle your product and turn it into compost.

Final thoughts

The new era of sustainable approach is becoming a huge trend. And it is time for you to join the movement through sustainable choices for the betterment of the planet.

Keep in mind that, no matter how biodegradable the products are, they are still your basic toothbrush. So, follow a good oral routine and an oral care regime, to utilize the product to its fullest potential.

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